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The aesthetics of a web site’s design should convey a positive message about the business it represents. It should appeal to the eye and make customers want to stay and look for more information. The longer they stay, the more likely they will want to do business. The designers at Nitro-Net will custom design your site from the viewpoint of your target customers. We have developed a customized web design process that will provide an optimum experience for the consumer to promote sales and repeat customer business. Whether you need a new site or want to redesign an existing one, Nitro-Net produces solutions that work.

Our Features

Customer Support

Web Maintenance Services by third party can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website design professionals or web content programmers.

Consulting Services

A lot of companies throw big money at the Internet and get little in return. In fact, most don’t even know whether or not they’re getting any return at all.  If either of those sounds like your company, you’ve come to the right site.  Our business is making the Web work for our clients which means we can…

Email Marketing

As your Email Marketing Strategist we can provide strategic leadership and lead internal and external business partners in the planning, strategy, production, execution, reporting, and analysis of outbound email marketing.  This includes developing and managing email marketing schedules, coordinating the collection and trafficking of email marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation

Leads are essential for successful sales, but finding enough of those leads can be a problem even for the most skilled sales and marketing team. So we created a unique, integrated lead generation process that brings together all of the most effective offline and online methods in order to ensure that your targeted audience efficiently goes from initial contact through sales closure without problems or delays.

Competitive Intelligence

If you want to know what your competition is up to … if you want to make sure you keep informed about what new products are being announced, what white papers are being created, and which companies are a potential threat to your success … you need our service

Help Desk Solutions

We can develop a help desk interface that allows you to be more efficient and effective. Our technology uses an Instant Response System (IRS) which displays real time results from a developing knowledgebase. Not only does this decrease your incoming tickets, it allows your client to view relevant articles from the knowledgebase, thus reducing your work load.

Internet Marketing

One of the keys to success on the web is getting people to find you. With billions of web pages existing on the net, this can for sure be a daunting task. To assure the success of our client’s web sites Global Marketing Group has kept abreast of the latest developments and techniques of web marketing

Listing Agent

Looking for an easy to use and feature-rich real estate listing solution? We offer you unique online property management website for putting property, autos or boat listings on the Internet. You can list any property, auto or boat type.

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Dating Site Designer offers professional dating website design and development services. Dating website design and development and social network website design services. – See more at:

Social Network Designer offers professional social website design and development services. Social website design and development and social network website design services.


Every hotel should have a unique identity to separate you from the competition.  We can help you create one or build the site around an existing identity. We build engaging full function hotel websites to engage your customers, allow them to book and pre-pay for rooms on the site and engage you for questions and or comments. We build hotel websites. That’s all we do and so we do it well.  We have a proprietary system we developed for booking and engaging clients that works amazing. We are here for you 24/7 for questions, technical support of if you just want o chat with Jeff or another owner.

Full Service Website Developments

Global Marketing Group is the ideal partner and vendor to help your business create an Internet presence that will enhance its equity, foster a one-to-one relationship with its clients, and lays the groundwork for more effective communication with its vendors, suppliers and investors.

Global Marketing Group’s core competencies include:
–Architecture & information design, navigation and content development
–User interface and graphic design
–Programming and technical assistance
–Marketing, promotion and site analysis
–Maintenance and support

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Global Marketing Group
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