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We are website developers. We develop robust, full featured business, event, online store, dating and social network sites using current cutting-edge technologies. We specialize ion building niche website Dating, Social Networking, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars/Pubs, Business, Charity, Raffle, Store, Services, Events, Support. We’re a one stop shop for all your web development needs. Our services include web design, markup, coding, web server configuration and more.

Global Marketing Group is the ideal partner and vendor to help your business create an Internet presence that will enhance its equity, foster a one-to-one relationship with its clients, and lays the groundwork for more effective communication with its vendors, suppliers and investors. Global Marketing Group will be able to accomplish these goals with your business for several reasons:


The senior managers of Global Marketing Group have worked together as a team for over 25 years creating and maintaining websites for fortune 500 companies and small to midsized businesses like yours.


Global Marketing Group employs a standard process with specific deadline and deliverables to insure that a project comes through on time and on budget. Besides clear benchmarks, the process emphasizes regular meetings, an online development area, scheduled phone conferences, and regular contact reports and documentation to confirm discussions and next steps.

As a web development and consulting firm, all of Global Marketing Group’s employees are directly committed to building and maintaining Internet sites. The firm focuses on the entire sequence of events that take a website from a “blue sky” idea to a functioning online entity


Your business’s new Internet presence will combine the inherent strength of your well-known services with the dynamic, information rich strength of the World Wide Web. Specifically, Global Marketing Group is recommending a strategy that will employ a unified backend that shares standardized site elements and resources with a front end design philosophy that will enable each service you provide to develop a unique web presence for its target audience and objectives. You will be able to develop economies of scale in architecture and maintenance while effectively extending each service with engaging, dynamic content that will be both personalized and interactive for visitors.

Core Competencies

–Architecture & information design, navigation and content development
–User interface and graphic design
–Programming and technical assistance
–Marketing, promotion and site analysis
–Maintenance and support

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Address: United States of America

Phone: (949) 689-0449

Email: jdean@heebeha.com

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