Web Marketing 101

Web Marketing 101

One of the keys to success on the web is getting people to find you. With billions of web pages existing on the net, this can for sure be a daunting task. To assure the success of our client’s web sites Global Marketing Group has kept abreast of the latest developments and techniques of web marketing. web site promotion marketing

Want to sell the pants off your competitors?
We focus with laser-like intensity on building traffic and sales using innovative marketing techniques and tactics.

Marketing Means Selling
We define marketing as selling by using a variety of tools and tactics to draw qualified buyers to your site. Marketing includes everything from the way you answer the telephone to how you select and deliver the products or services you sell. 
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Getting customers to buy from your online business takes more than sending out a press release, listing your site in search engines, emailing an offer to a rented list, or advertising on TV or radio. We’ll cut through the buzzwords and blather to show you what really works.

The sites we build or re-build are always designed with marketability in mind.  web marketing

Marketable Concepts Are the Key to Success
Marketable concepts need to be built into your site plan because marketing is critical to success. Unfortunately, marketing often is thought of only AFTER the site is created. That’s the wrong time to consider marketing.

Creating a web site that wins design awards is not enough. Without smart promotion even a great site will fail. Your site needs to do a lot more than look good. It needs traffic. And not just tire kickers. You need qualified buyers. The integration of web design and development with focused marketing strategies is vital to the success of your site.  web marketing

Building in Marketability
You need to think about how the features you create on your site will lend themselves to publicity, advertising, cross marketing and other traffic building tactics. Even if you are already successful in a bricks-and-mortar business, you will need a comprehensive, targeted marketing plan for online success.
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For example, the days are long past when just building a site would assure you of media coverage to drive traffic to the site. Today letting the world know that you exist is a complex and difficult job.

The first virtual tour, the first site to create a way for customers to see how they will look in actual clothing and the first online gift reminder service were marketable features that made sites newsworthy and helped them get press coverage. These features were no mere bells and whistles, they were well thought-out ways to give these sites a marketing edge. You can still have equally marketable features even if you can’t be a first mover in your field.  emarketing

If you sell plants, you may be able to create a kill-proof plant kit that could be cross-marketed with a home decorating site. That site could supply your site with copy on decorating with plants, and you could supply them with growing kits. If you make and sell chocolate, you might run a Valentine’s Day contest offering a week at a romantic resort as a prize for the most sincere love letter. Reciprocal links would cross-promote both sites. These would not be afterthoughts. The plans for them would be built into the site plan.  web marketing

Tactics For Marketing Online
We use a wide range of tactics designed to build traffic and sales on your site. You may need to use a few or many of these tactics. We will help you decide and execute the ones that will get you the most bang for your buck, the most positive exposure for your business. With
Global Marketing Group as your strategic partner your marketing options include:  emarketing

creating strategic alliances and cross marketing opportunitiesweb site marketing
generating compelling copy for your site. emarketing
arranging reciprocal links: creating your own network with complimentary businesses
Additional pages: reservation or information request forms, new or better maps, directions, information or suggestions. web site promotion marketing
increasing the functionality and interactivity of your site. internet web site marketing
search engine and directory placement (including key industry directories) internet web site marketing
generating publicity coverage online and traditional media.  net marketing
planning, writing and promoting newsletters
testing and managing opt-in mailings. web marketing
building a plan for discussion list sponsorship and participation. internet web site marketing
creating and placing by-lined articles in online newsletters, e-zines, forums and media outlets
devising calls to action such as quizzes, surveys, contests, coupons, shopper’s clubs, frequency discounts and rewards. web site promotion marketing
producing cost-effective and creative advertising
generating key phrases: The more you have, the easier it is to find your business. It is important to identify the most effective key phrases to be found under. search engine optimization programs
developing and placing ad banners.  net marketing

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for your company. We’ll be happy to create a winning marketing plan with you.  site marketing

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